C.M.E.R. Center for Magnesium Education & Research
“CMER is dedicated to the health of humankind by promoting knowledge of nutritional magnesium and its peer-reviewed science.”

What is CMER?
CMER is a group of Independent Scholars that gathered to support one another’s efforts to promote knowledge and use of the peer-reviewed science on magnesium in medicine and health.

Sherry Colineri Day, DNP, FNP, MSN
Research Intern

Dr. Sherrie Colaneri Day, DNP, FNP, MSN, Certified CDL/DOT Medical Examiner is a graduate of the Doctor of Nursing Practice program at Keiser University of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Dr. Colaneri Day received her Master of Science degree from the University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware in Family Practice. Currently, she is the president and a primary care clinician of her  private practice in Southern New Jersey.

Her interests in improving patient care outcomes in primary care led to her doctoral research project on the “Lack of Knowledge of Health Care Providers on Magnesium Deficiency.” Through this scholarly project her goal was and is to continue to educate health care providers and patients. Her future studies will be directed at improving patient healthcare outcomes related to common illnesses associated with the recognition and management of magnesium deficiency.